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A letter from a Maçon (Confessions of a dutch freemason)

"The real history of Freemasonry is arguably more interesting than all the tales woven about it."
- U.S. News & World Report

Dutch freemasonry
A letter from a Maçon

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The New World Order

Open dutch freemason tells us about their organisation ...
... and confesses their crimes.

From an anonymous source.

"Dear reader,

I am a freemason (maçon) with a high rank. With the exception of cosmetic border activities of freemasonry, it is forbidden of us to talk about all of which we discuss, decide, and do. (….) Thus I am compulsed to share the subsequent anonymously with you.

Freemasonry is a worldwide organisation. The most important components of our organisation are the Rotary and the Lions. Officially, in short, freemasonry deals with individual self-development and charitable activities. A lot of people however become a freemason, because they hope to make a career by using (taking advantage of) the powerful Masonic network.

However (nevertheless), the organisation and the people behind freemasonry do have an own (concealed) objective: to own and execute as much power as possible. Therefore not everyone can become a freemason. The Masonic world is only interested in talented people that (can) deliver high achievements in their (field of) specialism. How more people with a high social position are member, the greater the power of freemasonry is.

Across the whole world freemasonry is well represented in the media, the civil service, politics, the ministeries/departments of justice, the big cooperations, the financial institutions, the religious and spiritual movements, the police, the army and the different secret services. Especially the media are of crucial importance. The above mentioned does not say that most of the people in those organisations are freemasons. But the key positions are indeed in the hands of freemasons, through which we control these organisation. As much power as possible, with as little people as possible, is our device (motto) with this.

A lot of people at those organisations, and even at freemasonry, are not even aware of the fact that they are merely our instruments that serve our goals. Also in The Netherlands the Masonic order does have a lot of power. Important decisions are made by us. In the above mentioned organisations and institutions our decisions are only confirmed. Not a single, for us important, decision can be made and executed without our approval.

With important decisions we proceed this way: First of all, a decision is made by us. Subsequently a problem(/situation) is created for which we have the solution (read: the already taken decision). The media and/or the “independent” organisation(s) attend society then to the “big” problem and ask the involved organisations/institutions to come with solutions. Then the decision, already taken by us, is taken by these “independent” organisations/institutions.

Dutch freemasonry has a prominent role in the world. (….) Without exaggeration, and with a mixed feeling of pride and shame, i can tell you that we are the real rulers of the world. But freemasonry wants the total power. An important obstacle to this is the fact that there are many countries.

This means, too, that many countries have/need to be controlled. Hence freemasonry wants that the countries unite very gradually on, without that the civilians realise/grasp this, in federations, whereby many authorities/powers are assigned preferably to a not (directly) elected organ of the federation. In the EU this is the European Commission. It will not astonish you that many commission members, like Mr. B******* (Bolkestein), who was rewarded by us for his services through this office/function, listen very well to us.

In the length of time the different federations must merge into one union that we will govern behind the corridors. Administer the administrators. To achieve this goal we employ different means and tactics. One important tactic is to instigate and play out on different levels people and factions against each other. Divide and conquer is our strategy.

Therefore freemasonry can, behind the scenes, execute the most influence. In case there are no opposites or factions standing against each other, opposites and enemies will be created. In consequence we let many left wing organisations believe that the poverty in the world comes into being as a result of, not us, but multinationals that globalise the world. If manipulation by the media did not prove to be sufficient, we have not shunned to act with deeds against a group and subsequently let this claim by another faction. What we are especially apprehensive about, are strong factions or parties. When a party or faction becomes too strong, that faction is weakened and the others are supported.

The developing countries are kept poor in our strategy on purpose. This we do principally with the IMF and the placed by us heads of government. In case a country or region, despite it, threatens to become too strong, we see to conflicts and unrests. Mainly in the poor regions many governments and states came and went. But much has not changed and, as long as freemasonry does not want that, nothing will change.

At the beginning of the 90's we chose a new enemy of which we thought that it would be the biggest obstacle for our objectives. With all possible means we combat this movement. We even let a country function as a test device. Not seldom we go along our opponents, consequently pushing them in a by us desired direction. Therefore we erect with the help of the intelligence services also ourselves related factions of this movement and let this faction accomplish/commit all kinds of deeds/actions. Also in this movement freemasonry has members, too. We often destroy our enemies from within. What played off in the 90's in the world and what the condition of the enemy is will soon be clear to you, if you look at it from a "bird's" perspective.

We also sometimes work together with individuals, until they are of no use to us anymore. In the past, for example, in Chile, we used Pinochet. (……).

A big obstacle for us is the Internet. Through the upcoming of Internet the traditional media lost, and therefore the established order, power. (….) Internet supports democracy, whilst we actually do not want to have democracy. (…..) Many big hacks and dos-attacks were performed with our consent. We created with our media a feeling that Internet is insecure and dangerous, and that Internet is predominately used by criminals, sexual offenders, and terrorists. At the same time we had an argument to execute control onto and about the Internet. As well we looked after that, on a local and international level, much legislation arrived that confined the freedom of Internetters.

When we wanted to take out of their hands the power of the existing rulers, we soaked off the people from the existing power blocks with the individualism. Now, that we have the power, the individualism is a danger to us. As well as for that reason, the rights of the (individual) civilians are limited and we sow fear among the population, as to therefore as well obtain group-unanimity and obedience.

You understand that we enter an important period in world history. I am convinced that you now will view the world through different glasses and that you will be able to see through the events around you. If a freemason, that you know, cannot endorse the above mentioned, you can believe him/her on his/her word. They do not know better. Through the organisational structure of freemasonry only the highest ranks are informed about these facts.

The word(s) “we” and “us” I used linguistically, to make clear to you one or the other and not because I am proud to be a mason. I ask you all for forgiveness for my part in this overall. For a better world.

(was not signed)

We Weren't Born To Follow the NWO

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This text was posted on the website of the Socialist Party (Netherlands).
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